Programme Information


Manufacturing technologies are very important part of the industry. Many machinery parts are formed by machine tools. In design and manufacturing processes, CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems are widely used in machinery manufacturing sector. In manufacturing industry needs technical staff who have experience and use modern technologies (i.e. CAD, CAM and CNC).

Faculty of Technology are established for meeting the need of engineers who have practical experience. The graduates from Faculty of Technology will learn classical and modern systems in this program practically.

The education program of Manufacturing Engineering includes basis engineering science based on lectures such as math, statics, dynamics, machine elements, mechanics of materials, fluid dynamics. In addition to practical engineering education will taught. Thus, engineers who have practical experience will be educated who are the need of manufacturing sector. After graduation, graduates will be adapted shortly and will be able to take responsibilities in this sector.

“Manufacturing Engineer” degree will be given after graduation from Department of Manufacturing Engineering. The annual export items in Turkey, the products of machine manufacturing and sub-industry of automation ratio is over 40%. In various fields, the number of industrial manufacturing companies increases day by day. In all manufacturing processes, the engineers who have bachelor degree from designing, manufacturing and die & mold programs are very effective both on the quality of production and the increasing of productivity. The graduates of manufacturing engineering program will have these qualifications.

The development of manufacturing sector and the potential of this sector in Turkey show the importance of this education program. It’s foreseen that in future, the need for manufacturing engineers will increase in this sector.

Our graduates can be employed in the positions at below in designing and manufacturing departments in national and international companies;

  • Manufacturing Manager, Head of Manufacturing Department, Manufacturing Engineer

  • Designing Manager, Head of Designing Department, Designing Engineer

  • Die & Mold Manager, Die & Mold Designer, Head of Die & Mold Department, Die & Mold Engineer

  • System Engineer

The strong sides of our education program are;

  • Experienced academic staff,

  • Applied engineering education,

  • Modern laboratories,

  • Classical and modern machine tools (CNC, lathe and milling machines),

  • Applied CAD, CAM and CNC education.

In this program, each student must attend 184 hours of lessons (157 local credits or 240 ECTS credits). In addition to, graduating from manufacturing engineering, the students must be done 60 working days internship. This education process is called as “Industrial Internship”. Industrial internship is planned during the summers after the second semester. Also, workplace training is another obligation in this program. The workplace training includes realistic engineering applications in workplace. Each student must attend workplace training during the seventh semester. All workplaces must be accredited by The Department of Manufacturing Engineering.